Powered by Pyramid

The following entities are proud to be Powered by Pyramid. To add your company, organization, application, or website to this list, see Adding your company, organization, application, or website to "Powered by Pyramid" page in CONTRIBUTING.md in this project's repository.

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Companies and Organizations

These companies and organizations use Pyramid in their operations, and may have open jobs for Pyramid developers.


Free online data visualization for non-techies and geeks. Interactive chart editor, no coding or design skills required. Scalable graphics, pivot tables, drilldowns, cloud publishing, export, API.

Easy Blog Networks

Fully managed hosting of 50.000 WordPress blogs, automated with Pyramid as a frontend to Ansible.

gocept gmbh & co. kg

Software development with Python, Zope, and Pyramid.

Klein & Partner KG

Python based web-applications and CMS

Lex Machina

We mine litigation data, revealing insights never before available about judges, lawyers, parties, and patents, culled from millions of pages of litigation information.

VCS Demo


Opensource geospatial solutions provider. Full stack: NextGIS Web/Mobile/Manager/QGIS


NiteoWeb is a nimble team of tech enthusiasts spread across the world building SaaS products with customers primarily in the US and UK.

Office national des forêts

Producing wood, preserving the environment, and welcoming the public are the three main assignments of the French National Forestry Office (Office national des forêts). Distributed all over the country, its 9,000 agents are dedicated to these missions.
Maintainers: Thierry Florac (https://github.com/tflorac)

OntaOnta Education Inc.

OntaOnta is a fully-integrated online teaching and learning system created in response to declining global math scores. Its affordability and ease-of-use are just two of many reasons it is used and trusted by teachers, parents, and students for in-class, home, and remote learning.


Comments as a service.

Readers want to communicate with you.

Get Remarkbox, the comment system that engaged readers prefer to use!


Rollbar provides developers with full-stack error monitoring and alerting as a service



Truveris is a New York City-based healthcare technology startup delivering solutions that challenge the status quo in the pharmacy benefits space. All of our platforms utilize Pyramid. Whether it's a traditional template-based application or a RESTful API, it's Powered by Pyramid.


VantagePoint is a product designed to streamline your security operations. It does so by integrating multiple security products into a single platform and making deployment and management a simple exercise. Within minutes, you will get a true understanding of your overall security posture along with a real, actionable, and prioritized plans for remediating gaps. All of this is available on any operating system, at any scale, in any physical or virtual environment.

Maintainers: VantagePoint


The following are free and libre open source software, demonstrating the wide variety of applications that can be Powered by Pyramid. You can view the source code and apply concepts to your own Pyramid projects, or deploy your own instance of the application.


AppEnlight provides advanced application monitoring by combining error handling, event tracking, and log aggregation. It is also highly performant. AppEnlight handles applications that serve thousands of requests per second and correlates modifications made with the changes in application performance. API docs.

Maintainers: marcink, marcinl
VCS Docs Demo


Atramhasis is an online SKOS editor. This webapplication enables users to create SKOS vocabularies consisting of Concepts and Collections. It tries to stay close to the SKOS specification. This makes it suited for different types of vocabularies such as simple pick lists, authority files, flat lists and basic to relatively complex thesauri. Atramhasis is not suited for managing very large or complex thesauri such as the AAT.

Maintainers: Koen.Van.Daele, claeyswo, maarten-vermeyen, saeleba
PyPI VCS Docs Demo


A simple pastebin application based on Rocky Burt's ClueBin. It demonstrates form processing, security, and the use of ZODB within a Pyramid application.


Cornice provides helpers to build and document REST-ish web services with Pyramid, with decent default behaviors. It takes care of following the HTTP specification in an automated way where possible.



Store, Sync, Share, and Self-Host. Kinto is a lightweight JSON storage service with synchronisation and sharing abilities.



MLBPool2 is a fantasy baseball like application. Instead of making daily lineups, players choose individual statistical leaders and team standings before the season starts. Then they watch how their picks perform over the course of the baseball season.

Maintainers: Paul Cutler (@prcutler)
VCS Docs Demo

NextGIS Web

NextGIS Web is an opensource server-side Web GIS and a framework for storage, visualization and permissions management to all kinds of geodata. NextGIS Web supports OGC WMS and WFS(-T) access.



The OpenCIOC Project is a joint effort between Community Information Online Consortium and KCL Software Solutions Inc. to publish CIOC's complete catalog of software and data products as Open Source and Open Data.



peter_sslers is a package designed to help experienced admins and devops people manage SSL Certificates and deploy them on larger systems.


An example "idea competition" application by Carlos de la Guardia and Lukasz Fidosz. It demonstrates URL dispatch, simple authentication, integration with SQLAlchemy and pyramid_simpleform.



We're in love with the opensource geospatial movement, and we wanted to contribute something back to it. Landsat is an amazing program — we wanted to make it accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical background.

Maintainers: Constantine Hatzis, Joel Stanner, Mark Saiget, Jake Anderson, Jacques Tardie
VCS Demo

Scarry On Line

SoL makes it easier the organization of a championship of Carrom tournaments using either a variant of the Swiss system, the Knockout system or even everyone against everyone events.

Maintainers: Lele Gaifax


Substance D is an application server built using the Pyramid web framework. It can be used as a base to build a general-purpose web application like a blog, a shopping cart application, a scheduling application, or any other web app that requires both an administration and a retail interface.
Maintainers: cguardia, chrism
PyPI VCS Docs Demo


SUMA stands for Short URL Managment App. The role of SUMA is to manage external links and extract data from them. SUMA is a small web service to easily do the following:

  • Creating short URL for external link within your application
  • Extracting Title
  • Capturing Screenshot from URL
  • Blocking URLs
  • Collecting clicks


TravelCRM is a free and open source application for the automation of customer relationships for travel agencies.



A very simple dynamic file rendering application. It is willing to render structured text documents, HTML documents, and images from a filesystem directory. It’s also a good example of traversal. An earlier version of this application runs the repoze.org website.



Warehouse is a next generation Python Package Repository designed to replace the legacy code base that currently powers PyPI.

VCS Docs Demo


Websauna is a full stack application framework aimed for creating consumer and business web services built on top of Pyramid and SQLAlchemy.
Maintainers: Mikko Ohtamaa (@miohtama), Érico Andrei (@ericof)


The following are websites reported as being Powered by Pyramid. Except as noted, the source code is not available to the public.


The ]a[repository is a digital asset management system of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, which enables the digital storage and management of digital media objects from art and research. The repository offers access to a number of digital collections of the Academy, to the Academy's publication series, and the graduate catalog.
Maintainers: Jens Klein


A new platform that allows you to track all your existing benchmark results from Unigine Heaven to 3DMark. Share your entire build profile, or create comparisons with other build profiles.


A repository of genome experiment metadata.

NASA Image and Video Library

Public-facing, search-centric, best-of NASA images, video and audio.


Pareto Security Teams Dashboard

A Web Dashboard for monitoring compliance of devices with the Pareto Security app.


ProZorro is a pilot project of an electronic public procurement platform that allows state procurement online.

Talk Python To Me

A podcast on Python and related technologies


Ulthar.net is a french website dedicated to the american writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos
Maintainers: Thierry Florac (https://github.com/tflorac)

Washington Trails Association Volunteer Management System

Faceted search and registration for volunteer trail work parties.

Websites based on Kotti

Kotti is a high-level, Pythonic web application framework based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. It includes an extensible Content Management System called the Kotti CMS.


Autonomie is an open source Pyramid-based ERP financed by the collaboration of multiple French worker cooperatives called CAE.
VCS Demo

Baobab-Infoladen Eine Welt e.V.

Basic Kotti site of the fair trade association Baobab-Infoladen Eine Welt e.V.

Bateau De Hollande

Bateau de Hollande assists French people in buying boats in the Netherlands. The Kotti-based website mutualizes announcements from dutch brokers and presents the different provided services.

eea Management Tool

An intranet with assessment and certification tools for the European Energy Award®. The "eea Management Tool" application is based on Kotti.

Fit for Life

A Kotti site made for the "Fit for Life" project that helps children suffering from hemophilia participate in everyday school and extracurricular sports activities.

Peiffer - Rollrasen | Garten- und Landschaftsbau

Corporate Kotti-based website for Europe's leading turf grass producer.

Sabrina Pontzen Raumdesign

Previously was an Apple iWeb project that has been converted to Kotti within one hour.

Websites based on Websauna

Websauna is a full stack application framework aimed for creating consumer and business web services built on top of Pyramid and SQLAlchemy.

Patafile – Smarter Practice

Next generation Legal Practice & Case Management Software for law firms and legal practitioners in Kenya.