Enter the Tomb

The community around the Pyramid web framework contributes to and participates in its development, support, and good will. Pyramid is a free and open source software project. Mummies and pharaohs are welcome.


How to ask questions and get answers.


Pyramid follows the general guidelines under the Pylons Project for support, including the code of conduct.


To reach the largest audience (over 2800 participants), including requests for help with your code, you may post to the pylons-discuss mail list.

Stack Overflow questions tagged with "Pyramid" have over 600 followers.

Developers (150-250 participants) are also generally available on the #pyramid channel on the Libera.Chat IRC Network.


How to contribute to Pyramid.

Security Issues

To report security issues with Pyramid, send email to pylons-project-security@googlegroups.com

General Issues

Report general issues on GitHub.


Pyramid has specific guidelines for contributing code and documentation, including tests and adding your name to the contributors agreement.


A few of the mummies and pharaohs who publish articles about Pyramid.



PyCharm is an integrated development environment for Python from JetBrains. PyCharm Professional Edition includes Pyramid as one of its Python web frameworks, making it easy to create, debug, and run Pyramid projects.

Core developers in Pyramid and any other project under the Pylons Project are eligible to receive a renewable one-year free and open source software license for all JetBrains products, including PyCharm, at no cost. Contact user stevepiercy in the #pyramid IRC channel on irc.libera.chat.


A number of parties have promulgated a certain amount of misinformation regarding the Pyramid project. We would like to officially put to rest some of the wild rumors and extravagant myths that have been circulating in board rooms and chat rooms around the world.

  • Pyramid is not built by aliens.
  • These aliens are not telepathic. They do not look like human babies.
  • Pyramid was not conceived from inside of a pyramid.
  • The pyramid is not black. It does not shoot a beam of light out of its top.
  • That beam of light is not a communications link to a more massive black pyramid that is orbiting the earth.
  • This space pyramid, as it were, does not use light bending technology to make itself invisible.
  • The Pyramid developers are not members of a shadow government.
  • Neither are they performing experiments on the dark side of the moon, where they can work unobserved.
  • The Pyramid developers do not worship an ancient crocodile god.
  • The source code for Pyramid is not over 5,000 years old.
  • The source code for Pyramid was not discovered carved into stone tablets in the Karnak temple complex. It was not translated to Python from hieroglyphs.
  • The Pyramid developers do not have a giant, magic eye they use to spy on their enemies.
  • Pyramid is not "doing something weird" to your code during application initialization.

We hope that these denials are sufficient to put to rest some of the wild speculation that has been circulating about the Pyramid project. We're not sure where people get such wild ideas. We hope that people will refrain from spreading such slanderous lies in the future.